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Simple Dashboard

Designed for non-technical users, the ElevenOS Conference Manager dashboard simplifies the management of complex group network settings and gives control to the event planner.

Smart Management

Prioritize wireless traffic for important groups, enable planers to schedule multiple groups with their own access credentials, and monitor bandwidth across many events.

Enhanced Security 

Segment the network and keep group traffic separate from staff and others. Add Hotspot 2.0 auto-authentication with WPA2 encryption for truly secure Wi-Fi access.

Simplify your event & group Wi-Fi

Delivering, managing, and monetizing group Wi-Fi is complex. The ElevenOS Conference Manager dashboard makes it easy. Once initially configured, event planners have the power to manage the Wi-Fi experience themselves, without having to involve the IT team.

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Easily customize group Wi-Fi access 

  • More planner control: configure unique access codes for each group or have attendees bypass the captive portal completely
  • Sponsored & bundled Wi-Fi: combine Internet with other services or enable planners to sponsor premium connectivity for attendees
  • Control wired access too: from printers to presenting devices, easily map wired ports to each event or conference area.


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Run the show with dynamic bandwidth settings

Impose bandwidth limits for individuals or the whole group, set a concurrent user limit for each event, and configure traffic priority with just a few clicks. Quickly change any of these settings on the fly.


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Delight attendees, gain repeat business

  • Seamless Wi-Fi access: no matter what authentication option you choose, attendees can get on the Wi-Fi without all the fuss
  • Tailored guest experience: setup vanity SSIDs and designate custom landing pages with key event information
  • Optimize performance: better match demand and fairly allocate bandwidth by increasing bandwidth and users as needed

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Better visibility with group Wi-Fi analytics

Analyze event and group Wi-Fi analytics that include bandwidth usage by group and day, a snapshot of recent usage, and user browser and platform types. Understand which groups and individuals are using the most bandwidth and adjust settings as needed on the fly. 


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Who should use ElevenOS Conference Manager?



Hotels of all sizes will love the ability to put Wi-Fi controls in the hands of event planners. ElevenOS Conference Manager is HTNG-compliant and meets Marriott and Hilton brand standards.


Convention Centers

With ElevenOS Conference Manager, convention centers can attract lucrative conference business by delivering the high-performance, frictionless Wi-Fi that today's attendees expect.


Event Venues

From stadiums to concert venues and everything in between, ElevenOS Conference Manager helps event venues deliver a great guest-Wi-Fi experience that keeps attendees coming back.