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Simplified internet at sea

ElevenOS delivers reliable fleetwide guest Wi-Fi despite the unique challenges of Internet at sea, including high latency, limited bandwidth and ever-changing time zones.

Pre-cruise internet purchases

Entice guests to save on Internet with pre-cruise purchasing or create custom Internet promotions onboard the ship to drive guest satisfaction and incremental revenue.

Real-time analytics & reporting 

Optimize bandwidth and manage performance with tools that help you stay on top of Wi-Fi performance  and provide valuable insights to better engage and connect with guests.


ElevenOS: The Trusted Wi-Fi Platform for Cruise & Maritime

ElevenOS for maritime makes connecting passengers simpler, smarter, and more secure. Guests can access the Internet automatically or through a branded portal to connect their devices in a private virtual network dedicated to their cabin. Shoreside staff can configure Wi-Fi centrally and push changes to the entire fleet, while allowing some flexibility for shipboard staff to manage Internet. 

"It is the easiest and most pleasant experience I've ever had with an internet connection from a cruise ship. There is no fussing with log-in and log-out pages, no delays in requesting pages. It's the first cruise internet experience that works just as if a guest were surfing or streaming at home." - Travel Weekly, October 2017 


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Centralized Maritime Wi-Fi Dashboard 

Gain control with easy management for shipboard staff

Optimize the guest Wi-Fi experience with high-performance Wi-Fi everywhere onboard. Manage guest Wi-Fi access, perform basic troubleshooting, and even configure limited access for temporary guests and visitors with real-time reports to optimize the Wi-Fi experience.


Configurable Plans for Guests & Crew

Put guests in control while monetizing your investment

Reward loyalty members with enhanced Wi-Fi and create unique tiered Internet plans and pricing so that guests choose the level that best suits their needs. Integrations with leading PMS systems like Oracle Hospitality for Cruise make it easy for guests to charge Wi-Fi plans and upgrades to their cabin.

Dynamic & Multingual Portals

Reinforce your brand & connect with global guests

Elegantly designed and intuitive templates make it easy for shoreside staff to set up branded captive portal pages. Shipboard personnel can easily customize portals to add announcements and introduce promotions to guests. With support for multiple languages, these portals are ready to set sail around the world.



Hybrid Cloud & Shipboard Architecture


Scalability of the cloud with flexibility onboard

Eleven has developed an industry-leading architecture that combines the centralized management and scale of the Cloud with the flexibility and performance of shipboard software to deliver the best of both worlds at sea.

Dedicated Personal Area Networks


Private virtual in-cabin networks improve security

Onboard guests and crew are dynamically assigned to their cabin's own Wi-Fi network to connect their devices to in-cabin devices securely and privately. A secure connection between laptops, smartphones, and media and gaming devices through a dynamic VLAN enables streaming media to in-cabin TVs, file and picture sharing with family and more. 

Loyalty Rewards & Billing Integration


Reward loyalty members with premium Wi-Fi access 

Create unique Internet promotional packages based on bandwidth speed, number of devices, and other factors so that guests can choose the level that best suits their needs. Integrations with leading systems like Oracle Hospitality Cruise Shipboard Property Management system make it easy to reward loyalty members with premium Wi-Fi and to charge directly for Internet plans directly to the stateroom folio.

Flexible Guest Onboarding Options


Delight guests with seamless connection across devices

Maritime guests can purchase Wi-Fi pre-cruise via an automated process that connects them automatically when they embark or non-technical staff can easily bulk provision Wi-Fi for groups, create group access codes, and add or delete individual guests using the ElevenOS site manager dashboard.

Works With the Infrastructure You Have

Eleven cloud platform has multiple APIs that enable rapid integration with mobile app servers, PMS systems, and more. Pre-built integrations with leading network hardware and software systems like PMS and CRM mean that you can take advantage of ElevenOS functionality without having to add or replace hardware. Our network of over 75 global network integrator partners is ready to get started with ElevenOS so you can deliver world class Wi-Fi, always and everywhere.
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