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New hardware integrations, including Cambium Networks, Cisco, Juniper Mist, Ruckus, and TP-Link, help customers address global supply chain challenges


9/6/2022, Portland, Ore.—Eleven Software Inc., the #1 cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform, announced today that its Personal Pass Key solution now supports new network hardware vendors including Cambium Networks, Cisco 9800, Juniper Mist, Ruckus SmartZone, and TP-Link. 

This expansion of hardware integrations aligns with Eleven’s mission to simplify managed Wi-Fi across disparate service providers and network infrastructures in the multifamily industry. Many partners utilize ElevenOS for brand-wide property portfolios with different hardware across locations, so each hardware integration that is added, enables Eleven’s partners to grow their footprint. Additionally, the current global supply chain environment has made it difficult to find specific hardware, so the need for hardware-agnostic solutions  is more important than ever.


Eleven’s Personal Pass Key solution ditches the captive portal and provides a unique Wi-Fi pass key to each resident. This revolutionary technology enables a single SSID to have multiple secure keys, enabling a frictionless Wi-Fi experience for residents without forgoing enterprise-level control and security for providers and property managers. 

That key is all the resident needs to get any Wi-Fi enabled device onto their Personal Area Network (PAN). When a resident device asks to join the network, the on-premise hardware sends the encrypted key to Eleven’s cloud-native, patent-pending Key Matching Service (EKMS) which checks the key against a list of authorized keys, granting access only when a match is found–no captive portal required. 

Personal Pass Key enables property managers and support staff to easily control when and how residents can access the network simply by scheduling them in Site Manager, Eleven’s intuitive, web-based application for property managers. ElevenOS automatically onboards new residents when it’s time, collecting their acceptance of terms, creating and delivering new pass keys and establishing their PAN. Similarly, residents are gracefully off-boarded and their key is disabled when their access end date passes, with no user or administrator action required. 

The Personal Pass Key experience was purpose-built for the multifamily industry, where the desire for an easy resident Wi-Fi experience is often in conflict with operators’ need for control and security. As a cloud-based service, EKMS enables network operators to scale with ease and does away with additional servers, licensing, maintenance and monitoring. In an industry where support calls are profit killers and security breaches can tarnish a brand, it’s important that software can help to improve NOI.

Personal Pass Key also solves the core usability and manageability problems faced by providers and property managers across multifamily segments, providing a frictionless and intuitive experience for residents. With Personal Pass Key, Wi-Fi can be easy for everyone, now supported on more hardware platforms than ever. 




Eleven is a SaaS company on a mission to simplify managed WI-Fi. Founded in 2002 to solve the complexities of hotel networks, Eleven has since grown into the leading cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform for hospitality brands like Hilton and Marriott, as well as leading telecom carriers like Charter, AT&T and British Telecom. ElevenOS facilitates 7 billion authentications per year in over 10,000 properties with 1.5 million doors in 50+ countries. Proudly founded and based in Portland, Oregon, Eleven has been ranked by the Oregonian as a ‘Top Place to Work’ in 2020 and 2021. Read more at Read more at