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With nearly 3 million new loyalty members, the Wi-Fi loyalty onboarding solution out-performed all expectations, increasing enrollments by over 550%


6/28/2022, Portland, Ore.—Eleven Software Inc., the #1 cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform, announced that they partnered with a major hotel brand to increase loyalty enrollments via Wi-Fi with Eleven’s intelligent onboarding flow. 

The brand has a carefully orchestrated Wi-Fi experience built with ElevenOS; guests around the globe, regardless of service provider or underlying network gear, enjoy a consistent branded Wi-Fi experience. With this established and dependable foundation in place, it was time to do more. Over a series of months Eleven collaborated with the brand to create a new connectivity experience with a new goal—massive guest adoption of their loyalty program.

Eleven built an intelligent loyalty onboarding flow, integrated into the overall guest Wi-Fi experience. Unlike anything on the market, ElevenOS has transformed Wi-Fi into a gateway to brand loyalty. Despite the complexity behind the scenes, Eleven creates a frictionless user experience, smartly determining who’s eligible.

The basic flow happens after a guest initiates a Wi-Fi authentication. In real time, ElevenOS checks the guest loyalty status via a bi-directional integration with the hotel’s CRM or loyalty system and based on their status, directs them down a particular path. Loyalty members are given the option for their free connection or to pay for more speed, while non-loyalty members are given the choice to sign in exchange for free Wi-Fi. Loyalty members can also be given contextual offers, like signing up for a brand’s credit card. Eleven’s smart software can tell if they already have it or not, ensuring a great guest experience that adds real value.

Once the ideal workflow and solution were tested and proven, it was time to deploy. Having the ElevenOS cloud-based authentication platform in place was crucial for efficient deployment. With Eleven as a trusted partner, the brand was able to roll out the changes globally overnight to over 5,500 properties, across multiple hardware platforms, service providers and multiple languages. 

The program has exceeded all expectations and continues to perform well month-over-month. Actual results beginning in December 2021 with 5,700 properties and ~60% occupancy include:

  • 2.8 million new loyalty members in the first 6 months
  • 14,800 average daily enrollments
  • 25% conversion rate, which represents a 568% increase over post-connect enrollment
  • >$1.00 loyalty acquisition cost

The ElevenOS platform is a powerful tool for growing a brand’s loyalty program in a highly cost-effective manner. Eleven’s intelligent solution delivers value to both guests and brands.



Eleven is a SaaS company on a mission to simplify managed WI-Fi. Founded in 2002 to solve the complexities of hotel networks, Eleven has since grown into the leading cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform for hospitality brands like Hilton and Marriott, as well as leading telecom carriers like Charter, AT&T and British Telecom. ElevenOS facilitates 7 billion authentications per year in over 10,000 properties with 1.5 million doors in 50+ countries. Proudly founded and based in Portland, Oregon, Eleven has been ranked by the Oregonian as a ‘Top Place to Work’ in 2020 and 2021. Read more at Read more at