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ElevenOS cloud platform provides centralized Wi-Fi management to deliver secure, high performance connectivity in apartments, senior living and student housing


10/26/17, Portland, Ore.—Eleven, the pioneer in cloud-based guest Wi-Fi management software introduces the ElevenOS Guest Wi-Fi Platform for Multifamily making it easy for property managers to onboard residents, manage Wi-Fi performance and create secure personal area networks for each unit and across shared common areas.

Centralized Wi-Fi Management

ElevenOS Site Manager provides a centralized dashboard to access all of the features needed to optimize Wi-Fi at a single property or across all properties in a portfolio. Non-technical property managers can onboard new residents, create engaging portals from branded templates, message residents, add or modify Internet plans and optimize Wi-Fi performance from a single, easy to use web interface. Designed to work with a broad array of network hardware, ElevenOS integrates with the property’s existing infrastructure so that no additional hardware is required.

Simplified Resident Onboarding

ElevenOS removes the hassle of resident onboarding by providing residents a simple tool to create and activate their Wi-Fi accounts and connect instantly after one-time authentication. Property staff can also add individual residents or bulk upload new residents to Wi-Fi and automatically reset the network when residents move out.

Dedicated Personal Area Networks for Each Unit

Residents connect automatically to Wi-Fi each time they arrive at home and are dynamically assigned to a personal area network (PAN) dedicated to their unit that allows them to share files, print wirelessly, stream content to their TVs and connect to smart thermostats without concerns for privacy or security. ElevenOS delivers this capability to residents using existing, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks to address the security challenges caused when residents bring their own wireless routers.

Real-time Analytics

The ElevenOS dashboard was designed specifically for Multifamily with real-time 360-degree insight into Wi-Fi activity at a single property or across many properties. Comprehensive analytics include the number and types of devices connected, bandwidth allocation across units and common areas, and scheduled activations, de-activations, suspended accounts and more. Users log into one system to get all of the information they need to manage the Wi-Fi experience in real-time.

“Eleven continues to build on 15 years of guest Wi-Fi leadership in hospitality and is now delivering innovative solutions designed specifically for Multifamily,” said Peri Pierone, CEO of Eleven. “We are pleased to partner with leading network integrators to bring streamlined cloud Wi-Fi management benefitting both residents and property managers.”




Eleven pioneered the development of cloud-based guest Wi-Fi management software in 2002. ElevenOS central guest Wi-Fi platform enables property managers to centrally manage guest Wi-Fi to provide a consistent experience across devices, properties and providers with real-time analytics. An open platform, ElevenOS integrates with leading network hardware and is deployed by network integrators worldwide.