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7/30/19, Portland, Ore.Eleven, the pioneer in cloud-based central authentication management systems, undergoes rapid expansion. The ElevenOS platform enables hoteliers and multi-family property managers around the globe to deliver a seamless Wi-Fi experience that guests and residents love. In July the company celebrated the onboarding of its millionth room on its platform ElevenOS, marking a significant milestone in the company’s history.

Peri Pierone, Eleven’s CEO, reflects on this achievement: “When I arrived a little over two years ago Eleven predominantly served a North American footprint. Today our platform is being accessed by travelers and residents in more than 50 countries. There are considerable architectural challenges in supporting a global footprint both in terms of localization and performance; I’m so proud of the team’s accomplishment in making this happen. We partner with the world’s most dominant hotel brands enabling them to deliver a consistent connectivity experience around the globe.”

ElevenOS makes enterprise Wi-Fi management simpler, smarter and more secure. The cloud-based platform enables a consistent connectivity experience even across a disparate hardware and service provider landscape. Today more than 1,000,000 guest rooms at over 6,300 properties rely on ElevenOS to keep travelers connected for business, leisure and everything in between. This includes 268,000 multifamily doors and 45,000 cruise ship cabins across the world with the most recent deployments in South Africa and Finland. ElevenOS also boasts over 50 different languages, with more being added daily, that integrators can use in the built-in captive portal system.

With ElevenOS, hoteliers can deliver a superior guest experience from the cloud across multiple locations, systems, and devices. With numerous hardware and software integrations and over 100 global partners, Eleven’s growing ecosystem ensures hotels of all sizes can improve their guest Wi-Fi experience without the need to replace their backend infrastructure. The one million room benchmark would never have been possible without Eleven’s reliable and ever-growing partner network.

“We’ve enjoyed partnering with Eleven through the years,” said Ron Peterson, CEO BlueprintRF, one of Eleven’s long-term partners, “and we are delighted to see them reach this significant milestone in our industry.” Peri affirmed this point on Eleven’s partner network, “It takes an ecosystem. Our team is so grateful to the partners and hoteliers around the world who have trusted us in delivering best of breed Wi-Fi services. We absolutely couldn’t reach this milestone without them.”


Other industry luminaries agree, Rich Siegel, President and Publisher of Hospitality Upgrade Magazine commented on the achievement, “I’ve been aware of Eleven for some time and it’s great to see they’ve reached this important milestone – very impressive.” Some hotel brands have completely standardized on the Eleven platform. John Edwards, CIO of RLH Corporation explains why, “In recent years we’ve moved forward with several new and innovative technologies focused on the guest experience. Connectivity remains the most important guest technology at our hotels, and standardizing on ElevenOS has allowed us to deliver the seamless connectivity experience we believe every traveler is looking for.”


Recent enhancements to ElevenOS have allowed the platform to extend beyond hospitality and provide a great solution for apartments and properties with longer-term residents. By building off of the foundation of hospitality, Eleven can straddle both verticals and draw from the core architecture of ElevenOS. Pierone elaborates on this point, “What people often don’t realize is that while Eleven is still primarily a hospitality focused company. Our fastest growing segment is in the multi-family arena. Eleven is an ideal solution for residents or students in facilities offering managed Wi-Fi services.”


With a recent Mikrotik integration, and updated integrations with Cisco Meraki and Aruba, Eleven emphasizes ongoing commitment to serving a broad array of technology environments. Recent platform innovations include Personal Area Networks (PAN) and Hotspot 2.0 with Passpoint™, the gold standard in automatic secure authentication. “Hoteliers and solution providers have been seeking a secure and frictionless Wi-Fi experience for some time. We are now in position to deliver that,” says Pierone.



About Eleven Software Inc.

Eleven pioneered cloud-based guest Wi-Fi management software for the hospitality industry in 2002. The ElevenOS platform enables hotel brands to centrally manage guest Wi-Fi across multiple devices, properties and providers with real-time analytics. With ElevenOS, hoteliers can leverage their Wi-Fi network to identify and engage guests to drive brand loyalty. An open platform, ElevenOS works with leading network hardware and service providers without the need for proprietary infrastructure. Thousands of hotels and cruise brands trust Eleven to authenticate more than 6 million connections every day. For more information visit