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Easy to Use 

Once a user goes through the initial
enrollment process, any device with
the correct WPA-2 key is automatically
associated with and stays connected
to the right network, even if the MAC
address changes.

Quick Adoption

By design, Personal Pass Key does not
require users to change the behavior
they’re used to when accessing Wi-Fi
networks; they simply select their
network SSID and enter their unique
WPA-2 key and are connected.

Reduced Support Cost

For multi-system and network
operators, the implementation of
our Personal Pass Key solution has
resulted in up to a 60% reduction in
support calls, realizing a significant
savings in the cost to operate.

Frictionless Wi-Fi Access

The best user experience for Wi-Fi, is often the kind that goes unnoticed. It's so seamless and familiar, the user barely notices they have been "onboarded" onto a new network. Once connected, Personal Pass Key keeps devices connected automatically, just like a traditional home network would.



Enhanced Wi-Fi privacy & security  

  • No captive portal: Traditional captive portal access can be subject to privacy breaches and security hacks, such as MAC address spoofing.
  • Unique keys: Each user has their own key, even when sharing the same SSID, that acts as the identifier to allow them on the network.
  • Encrypted traffic: Network traffic is encrypted separately based on the user’s Personal Pass Key.


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Simple Yet Dynamic Onboarding

Users receive a link to the onboarding page via email. From there, they simply accept the terms of use and then receive their SSID and Personal Pass Key to access the Wi-Fi. Users can also opt-in for SMS, and receive their key and future notifications via text message.



All devices are easy to connect & manage 

  • No browser, no problem: Getting browser-less devices, like gaming consoles and printers, online is easy and convenient.
  • Personal Area Networks: Each device automatically joins the correct PAN once connected to the SSID and can connect securely to any other networked devices.
  • Easy to move SSIDs: Devices and users can also easily be moved to another SSID in the same or other property, and the PAN is updated.


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Better visibility with Wi-Fi analytics

Stay on the pulse of Wi-Fi performance across multiple devices, users and properties. With ElevenOS, you can understand the ROI of managed Wi-Fi with downloadable usage and revenue reports. Because each user has a unique key, it’s easy to see who is accessing the Wi-Fi as well.



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Personal Pass Key is Purpose-Built for the Multifamily Industry


Apartments & Condos

Traditional portal-based access does not provide the best tenant Wi-Fi experience. With Personal Pass Key, the experience is homelike by naturetenants simply select their SSID, enter their WPA-2 key, and all their devices will stay connected for the duration of their lease.


Student Living & Universities

Students and staff need easy and seamless Wi-Fi access to get their work done across the many different locations on campus and student living facilities. With Personal Pass Key, students and staff can get and stay connected across all their devices with ease.


Senior Living Facilities

A common Wi-Fi challenge in senior living is that residents are often challenged to connect their smartphones and laptops, let alone browser-less devices. With Personal Pass Key, Wi-Fi access is as simple as it gets, leading to decreased IT support and increased resident satisfaction.