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Powerful Wi-Fi for power users

No one tests the power of Wi-Fi quite like college students do. ElevenOS helps IT teams centrally manage Wi-Fi to deliver consistent, reliable performance everywhere on campus.

Secure connections everywhere

With single sign-on (SSO) capability, students can use their campus IDs to seamlessly auto-connect all of their devices in a secure, private network dedicated just to their unit.

Constant pulse on performance

The ElevenOS dashboard makes it easy for the property manager to optimize bandwidth and Wi-Fi performance with real-time analytics and reporting, ensuring students and staff stay connected.

ElevenOS: The Smart Wi-Fi Platform for Higher Education12.9-devices-pp-2021-campus-tech.png

Next to pizza and cheap beer, nothing is more essential to the college experience than reliable, fast Wi-Fi. Access to Wi-Fi makes school easier and helps students stay connected. Universities are investing more on access points and circuits than ever before. But how do they ensure they get the most of their bandwidth and deliver secure, consistent Wi-Fi everywhere on campus?

The ElevenOS cloud Wi-Fi platform makes enterprise-grade Wi-Fi management easy across university campuses and student housing. ElevenOS enables students to connect automatically and securely anywhere on campus. Campus IT can centrally manage Wi-FI using real-time analytics to optimize the Wi-Fi experience. With more and more devices coming online, it's important to utilize a cloud platform to manage the rising number of networked devices.


Case Study: Charter + Eleven Exceed Student Wi-Fi ExpectationsDownload Charter University Case Study

A large university in California recognized they needed a new Wi-Fi solution for their graduate students. Grad student housing had a traditional solution where underlying connectivity was provided by coax internet service requiring a cable modem and wireless router for each apartment. It required students residing in the same apartment to share the same login credentials, and the school’s lean IT staff had to manage account provisioning, technical support and equipment.

Charter Spectrum Enterprise collaborated with Eleven to bring a solution that leverages the university’s existing single sign-on (SSO) capability for a seamless connectivity experience. Download the case study to learn more >>

Centralized Dashboard 

Gain control with easy management for campus IT staff

Optimize the Wi-Fi experience with high-performance internet access from campus building to dorms and student apartments. Manage student, faculty and visitor access, perform basic troubleshooting, and even configure limited access for temporary visitors with real-time reports to stay on top of campus connectivity.


Simplified Student Onboarding

Save time with automated & self-service onboarding

Students can create and activate their own Wi-Fi accounts and connect instantly after one-time authentication. Student housing staff can also bulk upload new residents to Wi-Fi at the start of the school year and automatically reset the network when students move out.

Customizable Captive Portals

Increase student engagement via custom access pages

Elegantly designed and intuitive templates make it easy to set up branded captive portal pages. With designated content areas that can be updated by non-technical staff, it's easy make announcements and connect with students, faculty, and visitors.

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Dedicated Personal Area Networks


Securely connect devices to share files & stream movies

Students automatically connect to a private Wi-Fi network dedicated to their dorm or apartment that no one else can see. A secure connection between laptops, smartphones, and media streaming devices through a dynamic VLAN enables streaming media to dorm or classroom TVs, file sharing and secure printing, videoconferencing and more.

IoT Device Management


Countless smart devices, one easy-to-use management tool

Simplify complex network management with ElevenOS enterprise device management tool to add or remove Internet of Things (IoT) devices, even those without browsers, from personal area networks in real-time. Both students and staff can add devices, which become visible to each other once the guest connects to Wi-Fi.

Tiered Internet Plans


Put students in control while monetizing your investment

Add value to the student experience with the ability to offer tiered Internet services so they can choose the plan that best suits their needs. Create service plans based on speed, number of devices, and other factors. ElevenOS is integrated with over 100 credit card payment gateways for easy billing,

Group Wi-Fi Management

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Manage and monetize conference & group Wi-Fi

With Eleven's conference manager, event planners can easily schedule new conferences, manage active conferences and review past conferences. Quickly create attractive, informative welcome screens for each conference with a simple content editor. Easily priortize Internet access by group with bandwidth caps, user limits, and unique passwords.

Works With the Infrastructure You Have

Eleven cloud platform has multiple APIs that enable rapid integration with mobile app servers, PMS systems, and more. Pre-built integrations with leading network hardware and software systems like PMS and CRM mean that you can take advantage of ElevenOS functionality without having to add or replace hardware. Our network of over 75 global network integrator partners is ready to get started with ElevenOS so you can deliver world class Wi-Fi, always and everywhere.
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