Managed Wi-Fi Software for Efficient Networks Create a Wi-Fi experience so good they’ll come back for more

Standardize and centralize your Wi-Fi access management with the ElevenOS software platform. Integrate your loyalty program, de-risk your Wi-Fi solution, and simplify end-user authentication. 

Eleven Software Model - Wi-Fi That Reaches Every Room in Your Portfolio@2x

What is ElevenOS? Software that Makes Wi-Fi Easy for Everyone, Everywhere

  • Centralized control. ElevenOS is a software platform that gives you the power to manage and report on Wi-Fi access across multiple properties and networks and geographies.
  • Global capabilities. ElevenOS is trusted by customers world-wide. Our global, cloud infrastructure has built-in language and currency translations to ensure a seamless experience for your guests or residents.
  • Secure connection. Security is top priority with ElevenOS, featuring WPA2-encrypted connections via the Wi-Fi certified Passpoint® standard.

Why ElevenOS? The Proof is in the Platform

Eleven Software is the largest pure-play managed Wi-Fi software and the leader in guest and resident Wi-Fi management for over 20 years. Thousands of global businesses trust ElevenOS.


Configure your Wi-Fi to deliver your brand’s signature guest or resident experience. Set your brand standard for everything from onboarding to loyalty program integration and more.


Top global brands trust ElevenOS to handle over 575 million authentications monthly. From a single portal, monitor and manage your entire portfolio of networks across all of your properties.


Pre-built integrations with hardware and software systems so you can use ElevenOS without replacing your infrastructure. De-risk your operation while minimizing setup time and ongoing cost.


We build ElevenOS software on secure technology, encrypting all Wi-Fi traffic. ElevenOS ensures safe browsing and business operations from first setup to daily operation.

Who Uses ElevenOS? Thousands of Businesses Trust ElevenOS with Critical Wi-Fi Management

From global hospitality brands to leading property managers, ElevenOS is the trusted solution for any business with a significant access network or multiple properties.

Hospitality Card BKG

Provide a perfectly-branded Wi-Fi experience to your guests, integrated with your loyalty program.

Multifamily Card BKG

Streamline your network across locations and give residents the ultimate Wi-Fi experience.

Higher Ed Card BKG
Higher Education

Bring the information superhighway to higher ed dorms and facilities.

Extended Stay Card BKG
Extended Stay

Create a home-away-from-home with reliable Wi-Fi that inspires repeat business.

Senior Living Card BKG
Senior Living

Simplify onboarding and provide stable network access that travels property-wide.

Community WiFi Card BKG
Community Wi-Fi

Elevate your community with Wi-Fi that enhances the experience.

Ecosystem ElevenOS is Built to Simplify Wi-Fi Management for All

Delivering a premier Wi-Fi experience is the core of what we do, but we understand that end-users aren’t the only users. ElevenOS is uniquely positioned to provide the best experience to a worldwide array of management teams, frontline staff, and service providers.

Eleven Software Model - ElevenOS is Built to Simplify Wi-Fi Management for All@2x
Service Providers

Encounter clear visibility and control. ElevenOS offers the insight and control you need. Eleven Software provides guided onboarding, a curated knowledge base, post-implementation support, to ensure seamless configuration and ongoing stability.

IT Teams

Deploy and manage quickly. IT teams face an array of challenges, from configuration and compatibility to troubleshooting and device management. With ElevenOS’s visibility and management tools, you can solve problems faster and save on support costs.

Ownership Groups

Add the perfect amenity. ElevenOS perfects your portfolio with a Wi-Fi amenity that’s as secure as it is scalable. Boost your ROI, control costs, and achieve network nirvana with ElevenOS. 

Hospitality Brands

Deliver a smooth customer experience. Present a perfectly customized Wi-Fi experience for your guests and residents, integrated with your loyalty program. A simple experience from onboarding to exit means more return visits and increased revenues.

More Teams

Gain a reliable ally. We’re deeply connected with vendors from adjacent industries, including the most trusted names in property management systems, loyalty programs, network hardware, payment systems, and more.

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