Hospitality Deliver a Wi-Fi experience that brings guests back again and again

Enhance guest engagement and drive loyalty program growth with ElevenOS software. Simplify access to high-performance internet at any of your properties across the globe. Deliver the value of brand-wide standards to franchisees and hotel owners.

Experience a seamless transition to state-of-the-art Wi-Fi with ElevenOS software, designed to work seamlessly with your existing hardware.

Elevate Brand Wi-Fi Standards

Present every guest with a smooth Wi-Fi experience, complete with brand compliant captive portals, simplified self-service, and unquestionably reliable internet.

Integrate Loyalty Acquisition

Connect ElevenOS to your loyalty program, leveraging your Wi-Fi amenity to accelerate enrollment and encourage return visits with industry leading auto-connect capabilities.

Boost ROI with Tiered Access

Every guest is different, and so are their Wi-Fi needs. Give them more choices by configuring unique tiers of access, complemented by appropriate pricing.

ElevenOS Delivers a Win for Franchisees

ElevenOS enables hospitality brands to build brand-wide standards into their Wi-Fi ecosystem. By putting ElevenOS in place, brands ensure franchisees benefit from the additional revenue and reduced support costs. This additional value - made simple by ElevenOS - ensures they are raving, loyal fans.

Connecting 2.5+ Million Guest Rooms at Brands Around the Globe with Uptime Performance Exceeding 99.95%

Eleven delivers enterprise-grade Wi-Fi management software to ensure hotel brands deliver the best connection every time, at every property.

Eleven Software Model - Simplify Complex Operations with ElevenOS@2x

Simplify Complex Operations with ElevenOS

The magic is in the software. On-site staff or service providers can access the centralized hospitality dashboard to achieve daily tasks with ease:

  • Set up and modify portals from branded templates.
  • Create access and discount codes.
  • Add or modify Internet plans and pricing
  • Manage conference Wi-Fi
  • Add and manage browserless IoT and BOH devices

From the same portal, your technical staff can update configurations and add locations to scale your property portfolio without delay.

Accelerate Your Switch to ElevenOS

Don’t worry about large network overhauls when you switch to ElevenOS. ElevenOS software integrates with leading network hardware providers, so you can migrate without a hassle. If you have multiple locations with different hardware, ElevenOS can be seamlessly deployed across the footprint — saving you time and money.

Our multiple APIs ensure rapid integration with mobile app servers, property management systems, CRMs (via webhook), and more so you can deliver world-class Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere.

ElevenOS helps us deliver the Wi-Fi experience our customers expect. The login process is guest-friendly, back-end administration can be done at the brand or property level, and the front desk staff doesn’t have to spend time troubleshooting. It just works.

Jack Gaido
CMO, Blueport, Inc.

We selected ElevenOS to go beyond just delivering premium Wi-Fi automatically to our Hello Rewards members. We are excited to enable Wi-Fi driven services that create personalized guest experiences and deliver revenue opportunities for our owners.

John Edwards
CIO, Red Lion Hotels

ElevenOS provides a central dashboard where front desk managers can easily set up access codes and create portals with real-time analytics. Guest complaints have been reduced to virtually zero and our IT team can focus on other priorities. We are very happy with the solution. 

Ian Tabor
IT Manager, Sun Peaks Grand Hotel

Loyalty is Driven by Better Wi-Fi.

Global brands trust ElevenOS.