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Meet brand Wi-Fi standards

ElevenOS has all of the tools to centrally manage Wi-Fi across disparate networks to deliver consistent portals and high performance at each property.

Auto-connect devices & users

Auto authenticate guests without the need for a portal and securely connect their devices to in-room TVs, smart thermostats, and more.

Access real-time analytics

Optimize bandwidth and manage performance with analytics and reports that meet brand standards and provide valuable insights to better engage guests.

Make Wi-Fi Your #1 Loyalty Acquisition Channel with ElevenOS

Driving loyalty acquisition has always been top of mind for hotel executives, but as the industry recovers from the pandemic and business travel is on the upswing, it’s more important than ever to accelerate loyalty enrollments. In this case study we delve into how one major hospitality brand was able to transform its Wi-Fi into a high-ROI loyalty acquisition channel. Watch the video or download the case study to learn more.

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Centralized Hospitality Dashboard 

Gain control with easy management for hotel staff

ElevenOS Site Manager provides a centralized console to access all of the features needed to optimize Wi-Fi at a single property or across all properties in a brand. Non-technical hotel staff can set up portals from branded templates, create access and discount codes, add or modify Internet plans and pricing and manage conference Wi-Fi all from a single, easy to use web interface.



Secure, Automatic Wi-Fi Connection

Loyalty members connect automatically every time

ElevenOS offers the widest array of authentication options, including one-time secure login with Wi-Fi certified Passpoint® (a.k.a. HotSpot 2.0) allowing guests to download a profile which lets them connect automatically. Pre-built integrations with PMS and CRM systems mean loyalty members can be rewarded with free or premium, automatic Wi-Fi connection every time they arrive at any brand property.


Customizable Captive Portals

Reinforce your brand & connect with global guests

An easy to use portal content editor provides templates to allow for consistent brand standards with flexibility at the property level. Non-technical hotel staff can configure authentication options, set up Internet service plans and pricing and add compelling images and messaging to engage guests. With support for multiple languages and responsive mobile design, these portals are ready for travelers on the go.



Tiered Internet Plans


Put guests in control while monetizing your investment

Add value to the guest experience with the ability to offer tiered Internet services so they can choose the plan that best suits their needs. Create Internet service plans based on speed, number of devices, and other factors with custom pricing by hotel or brand. ElevenOS is integrated with over 100 credit card payment gateways and can be set-up with separate merchant accounts for each property. 

Conference Wi-Fi Management


Manage and monetize conference & group Wi-Fi

With Eleven's conference manager, event planners can easily schedule new conferences, manage active conferences and review past conferences. Quickly create attractive, informative welcome screens for each conference with a simple content editor. Easily priortize Internet access by group with bandwidth caps, user limits, and unique passwords.

Personal Area Networks


Securely connect guest and in-room devices

ElevenOS dynamic assigns guest devices to a Personal Area Network dedicated to their room that only they can see. Upon arrival, guests are automatically connected to the devices in their room, so they can stream Netflix to the big screen TV or set the thermostat with their smartphone. Upon check-out, guest devices are cleared and the in-room devices are reset for the next guest.

Loyalty Onboarding


Reward loyalty signups with free or enhanced Wi-Fi

Sweeten the deal for loyalty members and encourage new signups by offering free or enhanced Wi-Fi as a membership perk. Free access, faster speeds, or more devices are great incentives for mobile app downloads. ElevenOS has pre-built integrations to loyalty systems, like Cendyn, for automatic loyalty recognition.

Enterprise Device Management for IoT


Countless smart devices, one easy-to-use management tool

Simplify complex network management with the ElevenOS enterprise device management tool. Add or remove Internet of Things (IoT) devices, even those without browsers, from personal area networks in real-time. Both guests and staff can easily and securely add devices, which become visible to each other once the guest connects.

Works With the Infrastructure You Have

Eleven cloud platform has multiple APIs that enable rapid integration with mobile app servers, PMS systems, and more. Pre-built integrations with leading network hardware and software systems like PMS and CRM mean that you can take advantage of ElevenOS functionality without having to add or replace hardware. Our network of over 75 global network integrator partners is ready to get started with ElevenOS so you can deliver world class Wi-Fi, always and everywhere.
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