Multifamily Service Providers and IT Teams A Purpose-Built Managed Wi-Fi Solution for Service Providers

ElevenOS is managed Wi-Fi software built with network service providers and IT teams in mind. Simple connection from configuration to daily operation, ElevenOS offers your team the insight, control, and features you’ve been dreaming of. From a guided, thorough onboarding program with our team to an extensive knowledge base, we’ve designed this platform to ensure your job is as easy as possible.

ElevenOS Is Designed for Integrators

As a network service provider, you expect a lot from managed Wi-Fi software. ElevenOS is built to seamlessly fit your needs.

Works with Existing Hardware

Transitioning to ElevenOS is effortless because we created it to work smoothly with your existing hardware and infrastructure.

Low-Upkeep Authentication

With ElevenOS, your team can focus on other things, rather than the hassle of updating and maintaining authentication software.

Reduced Support Costs

ElevenOS allows for simple provisioning and gives daily users the tools they need to do the job, reducing the need for your support. Empower end users and drive customer satisfaction.

Delighted Property Owners

Whether you’re installing for a large brand or a small business, property owners can deliver the branded guest and resident experience that drives customer loyalty.

Confidently Meet Obligations

With ElevenOS software, meeting contract obligations such as Wi-Fi up-time and reporting becomes a breeze.

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Eleven Software Empowers Integrators

At Eleven Software, we’re dedicated to delivering end-to-end enterprise connectivity. But we know we can’t do it without you, and that’s why we set you up for success.

In-depth Onboarding Program

We provide an in-depth onboarding program ensuring you can expertly use, quickly deploy ElevenOS, and know each key feature and point of value within the software. We provide the technical knowledge and software capabilities you need to work with the largest brands from multiple industries.

Extensive Knowledge & Expertise

Benefit from our deep expertise and ElevenOS knowledge long after onboarding through our extensive knowledge base, curated and maintained to make your job as easy as possible. And, of course, we offer post-implementation support for those tough cases.

Security and Privacy Come Standard

When you deploy ElevenOS, you’re also activating promises of security and privacy. We’ll help you win over your customers without breaking a sweat.

Strong Security Standards

Eleven Software sets and maintains strong security standards. ElevenOS handles Wi-Fi connections with WPA2 encryption via the Passpoint® standard. All website connections are secured with TLS 1.2 encryption and trusted commercial PKI certificates. We encrypt all customer data in-transit and at-rest. We keep security and logging concerns segregated in dedicated environments with very restrictive access policies, with automated monitoring, logging, and alerting for every service we offer. We thoroughly vet every vendor used in the technology stack and meet rigorous compliance requirements with each software release.

Prioritizing Privacy

Eleven Software understands the importance of privacy, especially with increasing regulatory scrutiny for global brands. ElevenOS is California, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant, allowing data requests and opt-outs as required by regulation, so you can operate with confidence where business demands.

Plays Well with Your Infrastructure

With ElevenOS hardware and software integrations, you can transition to ElevenOS without the hassle of adding or replacing hardware. Our multiple APIs ensure efficient integration with mobile app servers, property management systems, CRMs, and more so you can deliver world-class Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere.

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