Higher Education A+ Campuswide Wi-Fi and Student Housing

Provide powerful connectivity for students, teachers, and staff while giving your IT team the tools needed to ensure the network is reliable and secure.

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Wi-Fi That Graduates Summa Cum Laude

No, our software doesn’t actually take academic tests, but ElevenOS will transform the campus Wi-Fi experience for everyone.

Fast and reliable internet is essential to an elite educational experience, and the ElevenOS cloud Wi-Fi platform makes it easy to manage your networks across university campuses and student housing. With single sign-on (SSO) enabled, onboarding can be a breeze with a true branded experience all over campus. With our centralized dashboard, Campus IT can use real-time Wi-Fi analytics to control the rising number of connected devices.

Consistently Excellent Connection

With ElevenOS, IT teams deliver reliable, powerful Wi-Fi campuswide. Students can take their personal Wi-Fi anywhere on the grounds with Personal Area Networks (PAN).

Sync with University Systems

Students sign on with their campus IDs with single sign-on (SSO) technology. IT teams can see student devices and who registered each one.

Secure and Optimized

ElevenOS is secured with WPA2 encryption. The ElevenOS dashboard makes it easy for Campus IT to optimize bandwidth and Wi-Fi performance with streamlined analytics and reporting.

Case Study ElevenOS Passed This Test with Flying Colors

From working on homework to streaming movies in their spare time, students need secure, streamlined connectivity no matter where they are on campus. And when a large university in California realized they needed a new Wi-Fi solution for their graduate students, they turned to ElevenOS. See how Spectrum Enterprise collaborated with Eleven to bring a solution that leveraged the university’s existing single sign-on capability for a seamless connectivity experience.

spectrum higher education case study

Enterprise Tools for the Best Campus Network Experience

  • Securely connect devices to share files, game, or stream movies with dedicated personal area networks.
  • Connect and manage countless smart devices with one easy-to-use tool.
  • Put students in control while maintaining a campus-wide network.
  • Control conference and group Wi-Fi with advanced group Wi-Fi management.

Seamlessly Fits with Your Campus Systems

Just like your mascot, we fit. Our multiple APIs can support integrations with mobile app servers, LMS providers, property management systems, and more. Our integrations with leading hardware and software systems enable you to switch to ElevenOS easily without the hassle of adding or replacing hardware so you can deliver Wi-Fi that makes the grade.

Give Your Campus A+ Connectivity with ElevenOS.