IT Teams - Multifamily ElevenOS Drives Efficiency in Daily Operations for IT Teams

IT teams face an array of challenges, from configuration and compatibility to troubleshooting and device management. Rest assured,  ElevenOS was designed with IT management in mind, with unique features that shrink the path from problem to solution.


Happy Residents Means Less Work for IT Teams

When guests and residents can depend on fast, always-on Wi-Fi and help themselves when issues arise, fewer support tickets hit the IT desk. The result? Lower operating costs and happier customers.

  • Hands-off Provisioning:
    Resident onboarding is simplified through automated messaging on move in day, and onsite teams have the tools to resolve most issues that could arise, leaving more time to focus on a harmonious move in experience from the start.
  • Device Management:
    Residents can add and manage their own devices, including IoT and browserless devices.
  • Take-It-Anywhere Wi-Fi:
    With Personal Area Networks (PANs), residents are connecting wherever they roam in the community, Less reconnecting and dropped calls equals less problems.

Enhanced Visibility and Control

When a change or update is needed, ElevenOS gives you the tools you need to make managing Wi-Fi easier.
Eleven Software - Enhanced-Visibility-and-Control
Network Visibility

ElevenOS’s visibility tools allow you to get to the heart of the issue quickly and comprehensively.

  • For inquiries, you’ll want to take advantage of ElevenOS’s real-time reporting and analytics, showing you overall trends and flows and allowing you to quickly optimize your network. 
  • Troubleshooting always requires an in-depth look at the problem. ElevenOS gives you network monitoring, including AP health, error codes, devices connected, device type, and more.
Network and Wi-Fi Control

Software that allows you to implement changes quickly and easily.

  • Tweak your configurations and perform tasks with minimum effort.
  • Manage integrations with existing network hardware, and leading PMSs, loyalty systems, payment systems, and more.
  • Minimize the work of running a fully connected business, simplifying provisioning, monitoring, and updating IoT devices with Enterprise Device Management.
  • Handle conference and meeting Wi-Fi with ease. Create custom welcome screens and implement bandwidth caps, user limits, and unique passwords.

Out-of-the-Box Security and Privacy

ElevenOS comes complete with security and privacy built-in, helping you meet customers’ (and regulators’) expectations.

Strong Security Standards

Eleven Software sets and maintains strong security standards. ElevenOS handles Wi-Fi connections with WPA2 encryption via the Passpoint® standard. All website connections are secured with TLS 1.2 encryption and trusted commercial PKI certificates. We encrypt all customer data in-transit and at-rest. We keep security and logging concerns segregated in dedicated environments with very restrictive access policies, with automated monitoring, logging, and alerting for every service we offer. We thoroughly vet every vendor used in the technology stack and meet rigorous compliance requirements with each software release.

Prioritizing Privacy

Eleven Software understands the importance of privacy, especially with increasing regulatory scrutiny for global brands. ElevenOS is California and GDPR compliant, allowing data requests and opt-outs as required by regulation, so you can operate with confidence where business demands.

Works with Your Existing Tech Stack

Make the switch in less time. With our network of over 75 global network integrators, you can deliver world-class Wi-Fi without the hassle of buying or replacing hardware. Our purpose-built integrations with leading hardware and software systems enable you to switch to ElevenOS without business disruption

Save yourself time and deploy Wi-Fi that’s easy to manage.