Hospitality Brands A Wi-Fi Experience that Keeps Them Coming Back for More

Whether you’re a hospitality or multifamily brand, you know that customers are more likely to return to properties with flawless Wi-Fi. ElevenOS delivers more by integrating your managed Wi-Fi with your loyalty program, enabling you to offer a fully branded experience that builds engagement and customer loyalty.

Boost Loyalty with Every Wi-Fi Onboarding

  • Elevate the customer experience with customized, on-brand captive portals to ensure a quality experience across the entire franchise footprint. ElevenOS is so easy to use that your non-technical staff will appreciate keeping your brand's look and feel active.
  • Drive engagement and keep customers returning through smooth pre-built integrations to your existing PMS, and loyalty programs.
  • ElevenOS delivers a secure, automatic, on-brand Wi-Fi connection whenever they visit.

With ElevenOS, Wi-Fi onboarding is self-service and fully customized to your brand specifications. This includes opportunities to present tiered access and loyalty program enrollment. Offer a seamless Wi-Fi experience and unlock new acquisition channels.

30 %
increase in loyalty enrollment after program launch
8.6 %
higher average daily rate from loyalty members
$ 1.2 M
in additional MRR generated from loyalty enrollment
$ 1
to acquire a new loyalty member via Wi-Fi workflow

Increase Wi-Fi ROI with Tiered Access

Customers need Wi-Fi for work and play, but offering only one Wi-Fi plan is a missed revenue opportunity. ElevenOS allows you to easily configure tiered pricing, set bandwidth limits, restrict the number of devices, and more. With over 100 secure credit card gateways, we streamline the process to effortlessly increase your loyalty program enrollment and return visits. Give your customers more choice while boosting revenue from managed Wi-Fi.

The Features You Need For Peace of Mind

Offer hassle-free Wi-Fi. Every customer wants to stay connected to the things that matter most without the frustration, and so does your staff. ElevenOS helps everyone with a rich feature set that results in less worry, lower costs, and a user-friendly experience.
Seamless Customer Control

From onboarding to exit, ElevenOS enables customers to manage their needs through branded online portals, reducing staff friction and enhancing the user experience.

Fewer IT Issues

Self-service means fewer IT issues, plus ElevenOS comes with visibility and control tools allowing your staff to squash issues before they become bigger.

Security and Privacy

ElevenOS secures all Wi-Fi traffic with advanced encryption protocols and meets rigorous security standards. It’s also California privacy, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant.

Integrates with Your Current Infrastructure

ElevenOS works with your existing hardware, so you can move to a better guest Wi-Fi experience without the cost or hassle of network hardware replacement or the risk of losing business critical integrations. 

ElevenOS also integrates seamlessly with software systems. Our multiple APIs unlock integration opportunities with mobile app servers, property management systems, CRMs, and more so you can deliver world-class Wi-Fi every time, everywhere.

Drive Customer Loyalty with ElevenOS.