Community Wi-Fi Wi-Fi for the Entire Community

ElevenOS managed Wi-Fi software brings connectivity to all the in-between spaces, allowing people to get Wi-Fi where they couldn’t before. With secure authentication and segmentation, visitors and community members can post, share, and browse with confidence.


The Trend: Community Wi-Fi is Growing

Whether it’s an extension of multifamily living, a cooperative of citizens, or a municipality bringing Wi-Fi downtown, community Wi-Fi has been on the rise for over a decade with no sign of slowing.

Wi-Fi access outside of home and work becomes possible with ElevenOS. ElevenOS provides the management hub needed to boost community engagement and enhance economic development.


Managed Wi-Fi Beyond the Driveway

Connect your community members to the internet, no matter where they are or who they are.

For Subscribers

Residents desire full-scale access to the internet - anytime, anywhere. Communities can extend their internet service to every corner of their neighborhood with ElevenOS.

For Organizations

ElevenOS enables first responders, community centers, libraries, and more to work efficiently by providing reliable connectivity where people work, learn, and play.

For Visitors

Whether it’s pleasure or business, visitors passing through are sure to be delighted by the presence of community Wi-Fi amenities. Reach the internet easily anywhere, like a public park or at your popular football venue.

Fits Your Tech Perfectly

With ElevenOS hardware and software integrations, you can transition to ElevenOS without the hassle of adding or replacing hardware. With our network of over 75 global network integrators, you can deliver world-class Wi-Fi, so your community can stay connected.

Become the Premier Community.

Bring exceptional Wi-Fi to the masses.