Multifamily Offer Residents and Onsite Teams Alike an Exceptional Wi-Fi Journey Without Wasting Time

Through Eleven Software, boost satisfaction and create a truly personalized Wi-Fi experience for your portfolio with automatic device connectivity.


Stress-free Resident Wi-Fi Access

Prospects see Wi-Fi as a must-have, not just a perk. Offering a superior Wi-Fi amenity experience sets your community apart from the competition. With ElevenOS, resident Wi-Fi access is easier, faster and more homelike than ever, all while saving time for your property management team. Let Eleven handle the authentication, onboarding and overall experience while your residents experience a seamless instant on connection, removing one of the top stressors for new residents on move in day.

Streamlined Resident Experience

Residents can easily onboard themselves after a single email from ElevenOS - reducing costs for property owners and management. Plus, residents can enjoy the convenience of taking their Wi-Fi with them anywhere across your properties.

Custom Portals

Maintain brand integrity by offering personalized Wi-Fi access pages. Create a seamless resident experience entirely within your brand standards.

User-friendly Dashboard

Equip property managers with the essential tools for Wi-Fi oversight, offering comprehensive visibility, detailed reporting, and precise control.

Sensible Device Management

Use the ElevenOS enterprise device management tool to effortlessly manage connected corporate devices — even those without browsers.

Wi-Fi That Reaches Every Door in Your Portfolio

With ElevenOS, residents can take their Wi-Fi to any area on the property, all without interruption. It’s called a Personal Area Network (PAN), and it’s a game changer. Now, residents can watch their favorite streaming shows while at the pool, garden, gym, or other spaces.

MDU Eleven Software Model - Wi-Fi That Reaches Every Room in Your Portfolio

More Power to You Boost Your ROI While Building Great Resident Relationships

  • Smooth resident experience. Renters avoid the Wi-Fi setup chore and delay. Transition them from onboarding to reliable Wi-Fi with an on-brand experience at every step.
  • Build a bridge with network service providers. Get more control and visibility over network activity at your properties. ElevenOS reduces friction with your network service provider.
  • Boost your ROI. Residents enjoy an instant on Wi-Fi experience at a lower cost and hassle than traditional avenues while operators increase their revenue and decrease hands-on time for onsite teams. A true win-win for everyone.

We’ve Made it Easy to Switch to ElevenOS

ElevenOS makes it easier than ever to start a better Wi-Fi journey today without having to start over. With seven validated hardware integrations, operators and service providers can make quality business decisions without sacrificing a great experience. A world that works together, works better. We make switching as seamless as the Wi-Fi itself.

ElevenOS helps us deliver the Wi-Fi experience our customers expect. The login process is guest-friendly, back-end administration can be done at the brand or property level, and the front desk staff doesn’t have to spend time troubleshooting. It just works.

Jack Gaido
CMO, Blueport, Inc.

We selected ElevenOS to go beyond just delivering premium Wi-Fi automatically to our Hello Rewards members. We are excited to enable Wi-Fi driven services that create personalized guest experiences and deliver revenue opportunities for our owners.

John Edwards
CIO, Red Lion Hotels

ElevenOS provides a central dashboard where front desk managers can easily set up access codes and create portals with real-time analytics. Guest complaints have been reduced to virtually zero and our IT team can focus on other priorities. We are very happy with the solution. 

Ian Tabor
IT Manager, Sun Peaks Grand Hotel

Connected Residents
= Happy Residents.

Deliver better Wi-Fi today.