Ownership Groups Increase Your Portfolio's ROI While Decreasing Your Risk and Time

Now more than ever, residents need a frictionless path to reliable Wi-Fi from the moment they move in through their entire journey around the property. At the same time, operations and onsite teams need an efficient and repeatable way to automate this experience whether their communities are all in one region or distributed globally. Eleven takes the guesswork out of what used to be an archaic waiting game and gives the power back to residents and operators to have a secure and hassle free experience, allowing them to spend time connecting to what’s important.


Deliver An Excellent Wi-Fi Experience

Imagine customized captive portals tailored to your brand’s needs and aesthetics, ensuring the high standard of your portfolio's branding is delivered every time residents connect to the Wi-Fi in their new home.

Automated onboarding and offboarding, secure authentication, and a modern approach to roaming the building— all while your residents experience no interruption to their Wi-Fi connection.

Eleven Software has all the capabilities you need for a frictionless managed Wi-Fi experience for all.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs with Happy Residents and a Better Bottom Line

Your residents want a smooth, enjoyable connection experience. Your employees want Wi-Fi software that doesn't take up too much of their time. ElevenOS allows customers to automate from onboarding to exit, reducing issues and staff friction, while residents effortlessly connect on their move in day.

Eleven’s agnostic approach to hardware integrations and service providers allow operators to change direction, making smart economic choices without sacrificing the consistency of their operations and resident Wi-Fi experience. This truly gives gives owners the control to make changes without starting over.

ElevenOS provides the visibility and control to create a secure, easy to implement, simple to replicate Wi-Fi experience with over 550,000 apartments powered with our software at the helm. Save time and make money without sacrificing quality.

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Security and Privacy Compliance Solved

ElevenOS comes complete with security and privacy built-in, helping you meet customers’ (and regulators’) expectations.

Strong Security Standards

Eleven Software sets and maintains strong security standards. ElevenOS handles Wi-Fi connections with WPA2 encryption via the Passpoint® standard. All website connections are secured with TLS 1.2 encryption and trusted commercial PKI certificates. We encrypt all customer data in-transit and at-rest. We keep security and logging concerns segregated in dedicated environments with very restrictive access policies, with automated monitoring, logging, and alerting for every service we offer. We thoroughly vet every vendor used in the technology stack and meet rigorous compliance requirements with each software release.

Prioritizing Privacy

Eleven Software understands the importance of privacy, especially with increasing regulatory scrutiny for global brands. ElevenOS is California and GDPR compliant, allowing data requests and opt-outs as required by regulation, so you can operate with confidence where business demands.

Seamless Transition to ElevenOS

ElevenOS works with your existing hardware, so you can move to ElevenOS without the cost or hassle of network hardware replacement. 

ElevenOS also integrates with leading software systems. Our multiple APIs ensure efficient integration with mobile app servers, property management systems, CRMs, and more so you can deliver world-class Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere.

Sweeten Your Amenity Portfolio with ElevenOS.